Invisible VFX for Invisible People

Lost In Space was commissioned by The Human Eye Corporation (Bangkok) to create several shots for an NGO short film designed to raise awareness of the plight of statless people.
Working with director Rupert James, Lost created several shots of a young woman moving about a city leaving no reflection – with no visual trace of her existence.
Without national identity papers stateless people are essentially invisible to the government of the country in which they reside. They have no access to education or health care and are more vulnerable to human trafficking and other forms of exploitation than people with identities.
The live action shots were carefully planned to allow for reflection removal while not placing unnecessary restrictions on the production. By reducing the number of passes required to a bare minimum and working for the entirety of the shoot on location without a blue screen real creative freedom was given to the director and dp.
The film was created for Plan International as part of their global Because I am a Girl campaign.

client : Plan International 
production company : The Human Eye Corporation
director : Rupert James
producer : Maenam Chaisit
dp : Sarun Srisingchai, Basil Childers, Rupert James

vfx : lost in space
vfx supervision : christian hogue
vfx artist : christian hogue

NOKIA 3 steps

3 Steps to recycling your phone

Nokia - 3 Steps to recycling your phone - we:recycle - Environment
3 Steps to recycling your phone

check out our 3rd and latest movie for nokia's recycling website thru naked uk!
this one has music!!!
director john clayton of naked
thanks to maitri and the crew for flash animation.
supervised by yours-truly aka christian hogue

The Power of WE for Nokia

lost in space animated the POWER of WE movie for Nokia's Environment web page through Naked Communications UK. Naked's Johnie Clayton designed and art directed the film for a "Catch Me if You Can" come "Saul Bass" title sequence styled Film.
christian hogue was the Supervising Director for the lost in space team assembled in bangkok at the "lost in bkk" studio. Maitri was the Animation Lead for a Thai a crew of 4 skilled flash animators who turned the film around in less than 10 days from starters orders!

film: tree of life and death

tree of life and death from lostinspace on Vimeo.

this film signifies the growth of humanity blighted by interludes of militarism signified by irising snow flakes of death composed of stealth bombers. the tree grows but after war intervenes it slowly withers and dies...

director christian hogue
soundtrack composed by Kirk Kiatfuengfoo.

a short film premiered at the bkk whitespace gallery 1st anniversary show.

the concept is life and death with interjections of militarism.
done the old fashioned way with 3d and after effects.

director : christian hogue