LOST x Greenpeace

Press Release

Lost in Space  Redesigns Greenpeace SE Asia’s Newsletter and Annual Certificates


You don't often get an opportunity to redesign from scratch a big organization's communications assets like their Newsletter.

Greenpeace SE Asia realized that they needed to address the SE Asian audience in a more targeted manner. The euro-centric eco-warrior look was not that relevant to their local audience and they approached lost in space to as a studio with regional experience with the Thai market, in particular, to redesign their Communications to better appeal to that audience.

Knowing the market in Thailand Lost in space were able to identify the local audience's demographics and their reading/lifestyle preferences. Then create a fresh look and format for the Greenpeace Newsletter designed to target that audience.

Lost in space worked closely with local Thai designers and illustrators with extensive experience in international markets.

Designer Chakrapan Oak Suwanphanich worked closely with Greenpeace to craft a new look and lead the Newsletter into a more magazine-like format with a simpler cleaner contemporary style.

Illustrator Pann Riety Karnpoj created illustrations and information graphics to convey information and engage the audience.

The Annual Certificate for Supporters was part of the redesign package and again was made to be fresh and appealing, something that people would show off to their friends and colleagues

Annual Certificate for Supporters

The Annual Certificate for Supporters was part of the redesign package and again was made to be fresh and appealing, something that people would show off to their friends and colleagues.


We were very excited to be invited by MASSIVE software to refresh the interface design for version 6 of the software recently. 

MASSIVE came to fame for its "massive" army battle simulations in films such as Lord of the RIngs and is currently the market leader for such VFX applications in feature film including the Zombie hordes in World War Z (story here)

The brief was to retain the existing users familiar icons and layouts but to refresh the look and make it contemporary, easy to use for long periods and simpler to understand.
Losts approach was to refine the icons down to simpler easily recognizable versions while retianing similarities that allowed existing users immediatley to recognize them while allowing new users a visually simpler and clearer set of icons to learn. The colour schemes were reorganized to a carefully thought out colour pallette that grouped like operations and icons again making the interface easier to view for longer periods and more logical to use. 

the concepts and gui guides.

the final MASSIVE v6 screengrabs with the new interface implemented.

client: Massive Software

design : lost in space
designer: Patinya Rojnukkarin
producer/creative director: christian hogue

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Karma x Xian

Our recent Art Collaboration with painter Karma Sirikogar

An interactive audio responsive installation inspired by Karma Sirikogar's artwork for her exhibition
At the Rooftop gallery, Bangkok, Jan 2014.
Made with touch designer the installation was responding to the events audience. 
In this film it is responding to a track by the KAYA PROJECT music that inspires karma while she is working.

Director/Artist Christian Hogue Visualist


KuDeTa Visuals

Branded Event Visuals for KuDeTa BKK

Creating a Fashion Film look and feel for the Opening Media and Press Event for Ku De Ta BKK, Lost in Space
created a Title Sequence, Intro Track Film and a Visual Toolkit including main Lights and Madrix array setups for the VJ sets.


Live VJ set Examples

Supporting Theme herringbone and houndstooth patterns

Developing a strong and consistent branded look for the Visuals was a very high priority for KU DE TA. A sophisticated look that fit the select clientele was required.
A monochromatic RED on Black and White Look was selected to maintain a stylist sophisticated look. Layers of B&W visuals with Red Organic fluids such as Ink drops, Paint splashes etc. Subtly Layered on top are "KU DE TA" and Brand Keywords in Fashion Style Fonts.
A Herringbone/Houndstooth Motif was selected for supporting imagery on the side screens and as repeating elements in the main VJ set.

As an integral part of the Visuals lost in space were also responsible for theming the main Lighting and in particular the large MADRIX LED arrays over the club section. A complete package of Visual and lighting setups including the Madrix was commissioned by KuDeTa for their on going use. 

Client : KU DE TA Bangkok

Production Company : Lost in Space

Director/Producer/Creative Direction  : Christian Hogue

Main VJ set : Christian Hogue

Motion-graphics : Nobik  

Additional VJ sets : Nobik

A Boys Dream

Animated Short Film for bHIP

lost in space created this short film for bHIP international based on the life of the company founder. The Film entitled "A Boys Dream" touches on the key events in the founders life that lead to his success.

Using Thai Illustrator Somsiri June Sangkaew's simple but effective illustrative style with text and sound to help explain the story the film was created to a tight 8 day schedule for an important annual company live event.

Client : bHIP International

Production Company : Lost in Space

Director/Producer : Christian Hogue

Illustration and Character : Somsiri June Sangkaew  

AE Animation : Somsiri June Sangkaew  

Production Assistant : Khomsan Yonyim  

Sound : Ofek Tal

LOST info-gfx

Lost info-gfx for MSH international

lost in space was invited by JIm Brewer, Director on the film, to handle the interactive information graphics sequences. Christian Hogue worked closey with Patinya Rojnukkarin the motion-graphics designer and the director to block out the Minority Report like shots, recommending cost effective ways to shoot and rehearse the shots with the talent and physical layouts of the info-gfx while also assisting with 3rd camera work on the shoot as well as on set vfx supervision. Subsequently lost in space re-timed and repositioned the info-gfx in post to match the live action and did the final compositing. Altogether a great crew to work with at ISIS productions and lovely result al-round!

Cilent : MSH International

Director : Rupert James

Producer : J-A Luciani

DOP : Sarun Srisingchai

Design & Animation : Patinya Rojnukkarin

Line Producer : Pete Smithsuth 

Music : Nannue Tipitier

VFX: lost in space
info-gfx supervision & compositing : Christian Hogue

LOST on the Great Wall

LOST creates an Audio Responsive films on a 20m Data Wall for UTS SYDNEY

Lost In Space was commissioned by FROST DESIGN (Sydney) to create several real-time audio responsive mood films to play on a 20meter wide LED Data Wall. The films are intended to establish a mood as people assemble for events in the Great Hall at The University of Technology, Sydney. The Films needed to work well in the radical interior of polygonalized perforated aluminum created by architects DRAW.

FROST DESIGN provided the Art Direction and overall Design of the works but relied heavily on the LOST IN SPACE team of Real-time Digital Artists Andrew Quinn and Christian Hogue. Christians experience with high-end VFX feature film and television Commercial work using specialist 3d app Houdini and Andrews experience as a digital artist with various Arts and Performing bodies in Europe helped immensely in creating an engaging real-time installation.
LOST used Touch Designer, popularized recently by the Amon Tobin ISAM TOUR visuals, in the creation of the project.

Being based on a high end VFX 3d procedural animation tool Touch Designer allows sophisticated 3d visuals including particle systems and live composting in real-time without the need for extensive coding. 

client : University of Technology Sydney

design: FROST DESIGN Sydney
production: Lost in Space 
supervisor/touch designer artist : christian hogue
lead touch designer artist : andrew quinn


Invisible VFX for Invisible People

Lost In Space was commissioned by The Human Eye Corporation (Bangkok) to create several shots for an NGO short film designed to raise awareness of the plight of statless people.
Working with director Rupert James, Lost created several shots of a young woman moving about a city leaving no reflection – with no visual trace of her existence.
Without national identity papers stateless people are essentially invisible to the government of the country in which they reside. They have no access to education or health care and are more vulnerable to human trafficking and other forms of exploitation than people with identities.
The live action shots were carefully planned to allow for reflection removal while not placing unnecessary restrictions on the production. By reducing the number of passes required to a bare minimum and working for the entirety of the shoot on location without a blue screen real creative freedom was given to the director and dp.
The film was created for Plan International as part of their global Because I am a Girl campaign.

client : Plan International 
production company : The Human Eye Corporation
director : Rupert James
producer : Maenam Chaisit
dp : Sarun Srisingchai, Basil Childers, Rupert James

vfx : lost in space
vfx supervision : christian hogue
vfx artist : christian hogue


Lost in Space has completed 4x20" TVC spots and a 5 second bumper for Nickelodeon uk featuring Spongebob and 3 other Nick Characters available through Argos. 

Lost was invited by Nickelodeon Creatives to pitch concept boards for the spots and was awarded the project against stiff competition. Deisgned by Fresh Lost Director/Designer Firman Machda the boards depicts the Character related Products and features a winning voucher that move around a conveyor-belt NICK-esque factory environment.

Jake Markwell the Nick Producer on the spots was very enthusiatiic about the final spots and says

"These spots have gone down amazingly well and have even featured on a reel that the Nickelodeon managing director presented to clients. I couldn't be happier with the end result, they look really polished and the camera moves are some of the best i've seen on my 3D projects."






concept boards

Client : Nickelodeon Creatives
Producer : Jake Markwell

Production Company : Lost in Space London/Bangkok/Tokyo
Producer/Animation supervisor : Christian Hogue

Director & Design : Firman Machda
3d & compositing : Firman Machda, Panji Krishna and Aminah
Editing : Panji Krishna



EP trilogy developed for installation artists soundtracks.

this collaboration between artist christian hogue of lost in space and ex-pentagram designer jane mooney explores a classic 3d aesthetic inspired by soundtracks composed for interactive art installations.

illustrations : christian hogue

design : jane mooney