KuDeTa Visuals

Branded Event Visuals for KuDeTa BKK

Creating a Fashion Film look and feel for the Opening Media and Press Event for Ku De Ta BKK, Lost in Space
created a Title Sequence, Intro Track Film and a Visual Toolkit including main Lights and Madrix array setups for the VJ sets.


Live VJ set Examples

Supporting Theme herringbone and houndstooth patterns

Developing a strong and consistent branded look for the Visuals was a very high priority for KU DE TA. A sophisticated look that fit the select clientele was required.
A monochromatic RED on Black and White Look was selected to maintain a stylist sophisticated look. Layers of B&W visuals with Red Organic fluids such as Ink drops, Paint splashes etc. Subtly Layered on top are "KU DE TA" and Brand Keywords in Fashion Style Fonts.
A Herringbone/Houndstooth Motif was selected for supporting imagery on the side screens and as repeating elements in the main VJ set.

As an integral part of the Visuals lost in space were also responsible for theming the main Lighting and in particular the large MADRIX LED arrays over the club section. A complete package of Visual and lighting setups including the Madrix was commissioned by KuDeTa for their on going use. 

Client : KU DE TA Bangkok

Production Company : Lost in Space

Director/Producer/Creative Direction  : Christian Hogue

Main VJ set : Christian Hogue

Motion-graphics : Nobik  

Additional VJ sets : Nobik