LOST info-gfx

Lost info-gfx for MSH international

lost in space was invited by JIm Brewer, Director on the film, to handle the interactive information graphics sequences. Christian Hogue worked closey with Patinya Rojnukkarin the motion-graphics designer and the director to block out the Minority Report like shots, recommending cost effective ways to shoot and rehearse the shots with the talent and physical layouts of the info-gfx while also assisting with 3rd camera work on the shoot as well as on set vfx supervision. Subsequently lost in space re-timed and repositioned the info-gfx in post to match the live action and did the final compositing. Altogether a great crew to work with at ISIS productions and lovely result al-round!

Cilent : MSH International

Director : Rupert James

Producer : J-A Luciani

DOP : Sarun Srisingchai

Design & Animation : Patinya Rojnukkarin

Line Producer : Pete Smithsuth 

Music : Nannue Tipitier

VFX: lost in space
info-gfx supervision & compositing : Christian Hogue