FROST for Woolies

TVC for Woolworths March Sale


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Lost goes typo-tastic with FROST for Woolworths South Africa.
After harbouring long term ambitions to work together a nice spot for Woolworths with a fairly open brief presented the opportunity.
FROST DESIGN sydney has been working on the Woolies brand for some time and was delighted to step up and apply their skills to this TVC project. Collaborating with Lost In Space's asian based crew allowed for speedy and cost effective execution within a tight schedule. 
Initially several storyboard styles were presented and a Jaunty Type based solution executed. 
Music composed specifically by DGMUSIC in Melbourne working closely with the creative team.

Making of:
Initial Concept Designs:
This early version of the spot based on Concept Art work developed by Firman Machda, Senior Lost In Space creative, demonstrates how creative direction can change during production. This Version was created to answer the "sexy" typographical based brief. Subsequently the creative direction changed to a simpler 2d "Punchy" look and the music tempo was increased to create the final version at the begining of the post. 
design agency : FROST design, Sydney,

Director - Vince Frost, Frost
Senior Designer - Ben Hennessey, Frost
Account Director - Grace Kiernan, Frost
production company : Lost in Space, London/Bangkok,

Supervisor/producer - Chistian Hogue, Lost in Space
Animators - Firman Machda & Panji Krishna, Lost in Space

music company : DGmusic, Melbourne,
Composer - Dmitri Golovko, DGmusic