Lost In Space Artist Christian Hogue creates an Architectural Projection Mapping on a miniature scale as part of an installation for the Akabeko Project. High profile Japanese and International Artists were invited to paint or otherwise adorn a small folk icon, a lucky cow, originating in the Fukushima Province of Japan to maintain awareness of Japans On going Fight to recover from the Tragic Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Accident. An Ancient form of Urban Vinyl!
In our work we created a montage of tsunami footage which is projected onto the BEKO the lucky Cow Toy.

"the BEKO is passive and Destiny washes over Her. Or does it?.. "

we thank our friend Mick Nakamura of wakyo.tv for inviting us to participate.

soundtrack by ECHOLAB


the exhibition will be in Tokyo form the 2nd to 25th of September @btf 3A

Kintomi Building warehouse, 2-8-19 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0054

info@btf.co.jp  www.butterfly-stroke.com