Dot for Dixon Baxi

lost in space's Firman Machda's image has been selected by Dixon Baxi for their JOIN THE DOTS project.

"Join the Dots is a celebration of the spirit of collaboration. 
A simple idea. A consistent frame for a multitude of work. A single dot, each representing one collaborator, each a connection to another.
Each collaborator is given a template of a dot in a fixed position on an A2 portrait poster. Each interpreted this in their own way."

Firman has recently joined the lost in space network and lost's creative director christian hogue invited him to submit to the DOT project. 

Firman Machda was born in Bandung, Indonesia. After Graduated from Newport school of art and design he work as motion designer/director.
His work has been featured internationally by magazines and festivals such as Stash ,Computer Arts , Edinburgh International Film Festival ( Trailblazers Award 2008 ) and Fresh Film Festival. 

An Architectural film with a Story

The challenge with Architectural Visualization is how to stand out from the crowd. Our Solution is to tell a Story. Our Story for Barton Willmore's film for Saudi Arabia invoked a Young Boy in traditional garb standing on a Desert Dune who catches a windblown seed that he then plants. From this seed springs the visualizations of the projected development in the Saudi desert. The child in an emotive appeal calls for the a city that will grow organically with its inhabitants, the children of the future, and be in harmony with its environment and sustainable in energy and water. The Organic Architectural Concept called for an innovative approach that avoided the normal gleaming glass and chrome towers and appealed on a more emotional, caring level to the audience. Lost In Space was very pleased to be involved in such a innovative proposal and brought all our skills to bear to create a strong communicative message in the film on a challenging budget and deadline.

director : Ben Cook

producer : Christian Hogue

sound : Nadeem Khan

client : Barton Willmore

Data Aesthetics

we were very honored to be invited by guest editor Duangrit Bunnag, a much respected Thai architect, to write an article on Data Aesthetics for the 2010 Anniversary Issue of WallpaperTthailand magazine.


english version online here :

many thanks to:

Lina Kunimoto at Gestalten the publishers and Sven Ehmann the author of Data Flow and Data Flow2 for their help with research on the article.

you can also  read a set of Q and A with Sven Ehmann on some of the issues raised in the article here.

Earth Wonders

title design proposal

travel channel was after a modern title treatment for the Earth Wonders show.


also created 22 animated maps showing various Natrual Wonders around the Earth. we used a realtime graphics engine which created cost effective and quick turnaround Earth Globe Navigation animations for Travel Channel show Earth Wonders thru Cicada UK




Metallica Death Magnetic Intro film

Metallica Death Magnetic Tour FIlm

lost was delighted to be asked to produce this intro film to the Death Magnetic section of the Metallica world tour.
With a very clear and inspiring storyboard from Marcus Lyall it was completed in just 7 days using c4d and AE with our bkk based team!

Producer: KPX Video (
Storyboarding and concept by Marcus Lyall 

Realisation : lost in space
director/3d animation: christian hogue
3d modeling : tar
compositing: thee